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The Automobile 002P

The Automobile 001

“The Automobile ”
This is a historical portrait work of the automobile.
I have noticed Japanese identity by doing this approach.
Japan had a special experience in the World War II and subsequently devastated it afterwards,
but in order to revive, infrastructure development based on commercial vehicles was arranged to popularize passenger cars.
The Toyota production method, etc. Japanese who deftly dexterous and skilled craftsmen developed technological capabilities.
It evolved into a national policy project. Like the United States and Europe, it is an automobile advanced nation, and among them,
Japan is still the world’s largest technological superpower.
Today, borderless and factory overseas are progressing, in China, India and ASEAN are market expanding,
but for Japanese people the car is a special existence that has grown with the country,
I feel that identity as a Japanese who produced a lot of historic famous cars can be seen.
I chose the car model and looked for the model of the past to the present and I photographed with the same composition.
I left those body lines but I output successive model parts by special technique.
Make a semi-dry print and mix them, overlay those sheets etc. to express essence by heavily colored like moral ideal of the Japanese.
Then I rephotographed.
I feel that the aggregation of technology still lives in details.For that reason I made it into 12 pieces snd attention to detail.
Sometimes it takes time to realize that the whole aggregated them as automobiles.
That seems to be time to find or notice the identity of itself or others.
In Japan, that time is sometimes called “Ma”.Unlike margins or spaces, there is a sense unique to the Japanese.
I noticed that it includes an identity as a Japanese who cherishes “Ma” like Japanese painting, kabuki, and tea ceremony.
When recognize this work as a automobile, I hope that it will be a moment like a companion who has shared “Ma” through this work with people all over the world.
As a Japanese, in the future I want to feel people all over the world’s feeling ,time and their identity through “The Automobile”.

「The Automobile 2」
この作品はThe Automobileというシリーズの第2作目であり、今作は12点で1つの組み作品である。